After 20 years of marriage and two grown children, suburban housewife Hester Fields (Julia McKenzie, Marple) is ready for a new challenge. And it doesn't seem to matter what it is--she dabbles in painting, jogging, cooking, pottery, and even fencing. Her staid accountant husband, William (Anton Rodgers, May to December), feels no such need for change, yet somehow always seems to get dragged into Hester's exploits. Each morning he sets off for the office, never knowing what he'll face when he returns home. Some of his wife's self-improvement projects are flops, others outright disasters. But with Hester trying something new each day, life is never dull for the Fields. "Julia McKenzie and Anton Rodgers are wonderful as a couple whose lives have a kind of universal appeal" (Los Angeles Times) in this affable Britcom. CC Available.